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MANSON, Iowa - Republican Scott Anderson said today that he will be seeking re- election as Calhoun County Sheriff.

Anderson, a lifelong resident of Calhoun County, said today “It has been an honor to serve the great people of Calhoun County for the last 31 years, and I look forward to continuing to serve in my role as Calhoun County Sheriff.”

Sheriff Anderson, who was born in Lake City and grew on an acreage East of Twin Lakes, has served the Calhoun County Sheriff's Office since 1989. In September of 2006 Anderson was appointed chief deputy by former Sheriff William Davis. He served in this administrative and supervisory role until 2017.

“ In April of 2017 I was appointed to replace my predecessor and mentor Sheriff Bill Davis - it was an honor taking on this great role and responsibility.” said Anderson.

In November of 2018 Scott Anderson was elected as Calhoun County Sheriff receiving more votes than any other candidate for any office.

Sheriff Anderson takes pride in his many accomplishments in his first 3 years as sheriff saying “During my years as Sheriff, I repaired and updated the severely outdated equipment in the Sheriff's Department. This includes updated dispatch computers and paging systems, new top of the line records management software, SUV police vehicles, and mobile software in each vehicle.”

“I would like all equipment and vehicles to be kept in a sustainable rotation to ensure that everything remains functional, dependable, up to date, and most importantly safe.” Anderson said, when asked about future goals. “I would like to continue to maintain positive working relationships between our department and other outlying agencies. I would like to keep and maintain community respect and relationships that we have built.”

To learn more about Sheriff Anderson and his campaign you may visit or visit his Facebook page by searching “Re-Elect Scott Anderson for Calhoun County Sheriff”